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The Benefits of a Multi-Directional Forklift


The Benefits of a Multi-Directional Forklift

Here at Hire Forklifts, we understand how important it is to have the right equipment at the helm of your warehouse operations, to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible at all times.

Not only will this help to improve efficiency, but it’ll also enhance productivity in the workplace. As such, an increasing number of warehouse owners are turning to versatile machines to get the job done and that’s where multi-directional forklifts come in.

So why are more people than ever before turning to these reliable, sturdy machines? Hire Forklifts are on hand to explain. Here’s how you’ll benefit from multi-directional forklift hire near you.

Product handling will be made safe

With overall smooth and stable handling, a multi-directional forklift will enable your workers to lift and transport stock effortlessly. In addition to that, multi-directional vehicles also have the capability to handle long-loads, therefore eliminating any worry that goods will fall off the forks or cause the forklift itself to topple over.

This is a major worry for warehouse owners as it can cause harm to the operator and other workers on the warehouse floor. As well as this, a large amount of stock could become damaged, as could the forklift. It’s a financial and legal nightmare that would, of course, like to be avoided. With the implementation of a multi-directional forklift, you’ll have absolute peace of mind that all workers and operators will be protected from harm.

You’ll be able to maximise storage space

Multi-directional forklifts are the only vehicles that have a four-way steering system. This enables the forklift to manoeuvre sideways, regardless of how heavy the load is. With multi-directional moving capabilities, the operator will benefit from a number of different tactics to navigate their way around narrow aisles and tight corners.

This will also help you to maximise the storage space you have in your warehouse. By having extra warehouse racking installed, naturally, your aisles are going to become more narrow, but you can afford to lose this floor space if you hire a multi-directional forklift. The space you lose on the ground will soon be made up for in height as you’ll be able to store even more stock than originally planned, from floor to ceiling.

It’s designed to be robust and reliable

Meticulously designed to the highest specification by a number of industry experts and skilled engineers, a multi-directional forklift is an incredibly robust, reliable machine that’ll stand the test of time. It’s so durable, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, adding to its overall versatility.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

As previously mentioned, multi-directional forklifts can be used both indoors and outside. This eliminates the need for you to have two separate machines, one for outdoor operations and another solely for applications inside the warehouse.

This will save you time and money as well as lower your carbon footprint, depending on the fuel type you go for. If you’re wanting to enhance efficiency in your warehouse, then look to hire a multi-directional forklift.

Easy for the operator to drive

A multi-directional forklift has a number of onboard features available that’ll make the experience as comfortable as possible for the forklift operator. With a spacious cabin and a deep suspension seat, you can be sure that your workers will be relaxed, yet remarkably alert when driving a multi-directional forklift.

There’s also an option to be able to control the hydraulic fork positioners and telescopic forks from inside the vehicle. This allows for straightforward, easy handling of a number of large or heavy loads, thus reducing the manual strain that’ll subsequently be placed on both the machine and the operator, potentially.

Maintenance is simple and affordable

With fewer moving parts and a variety of different models available when it comes to hiring multi-directional forklifts, repairing and maintaining the machine will be more cost-effective than initially thought when compared to other vehicles on the market. However, when you hire a multi-directional forklift, all maintenance and repairs will be down to the material handling company who is providing you with the forklift rental service.

This makes forklift hire an attractive option for warehouse owners who do not want the responsibility of having to take care of damages, wear and tear or the replacement of parts. Not only this, but you’re likely to be supplied with a top-of-the-range forklift that one might not be able to afford if looking to purchase a multi-directional vehicle outright.

An eco-friendly alternative

Diesel forklifts are incredibly powerful machines, but electric and LPG alternatives are far more environmentally-friendly in comparison, but perform equally as well. If you choose to rent a multi-directional forklift that’s powered by electricity or fuelled using LPG, then you’ll be able to benefit from exceptionally low emission levels, enabling you to bring the forklift inside as well as using it for outdoor applications.

Hire Forklifts are proud to be able to provide forklift hire services in your area. Whether you’re looking to hire a multi-directional vehicle or rent a reach truck, we’ll have your every material handling need covered, no matter what industry you work in or how small your budget is. If you’d like more information about our warehouse equipment hire services, then get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team today – we’re always on hand to help.

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