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Forklift Hire In Northampton

Hire Forklifts understand the importance of having high-calibre, powerful material handling equipment at the heart of your warehouse operations. Using quality machinery that you know can get the job done efficiently is paramount to the smooth running of everything you do, no matter what industry you work in. As such, introducing a forklift, or an entire fleet if need be, could be just what your warehouse needs to boost productivity throughout.


We’re proud to be able to provide reputable, transparent forklift hire services to customers across Northampton, so you’ll always be able to count on our specialist team to supply you with an ideal solution that you can trust every single time.

Whether you’d prefer to benefit from our short or long term rental services, you can rest assured that we’ll have an option available that’ll effortlessly suit your warehouse operations, needs and even your budget.

Hire Forklifts are aware that it’s not always feasible for warehouse owners to buy material handling equipment outright, hence why we’re pleased to have an extensive collection of warehouse machinery available to hire throughout Northampton.

Despite being able to provide customers throughout Northampton with reliable forklift hire, our team will be happy to talk you through the other machines we have available for you to rent, regardless of how long you need it for. In addition to being able to hire electric, diesel and LP gas forklifts, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose from a number of other material handling machines, including:

  • Articulated forklifts
  • Multi-directional forklifts
  • VNA forklifts
  • Teletruks
  • Reach trucks
  • Pallet trucks
  • Order pickers
  • Stackers
  • Scissor lifts
  • Cherry pickers
The warehouse machinery we have on offer throughout Northampton have all been carefully constructed by a number of world renowned material handling manufacturers, so you’ll have absolute peace of mind that the equipment we have available have been made to the highest possible standards. As well as having Caterpillar, Toyota and Mitsubishi machinery on offer, we’re also able to supply equipment made by some of the top brands in the industry, including:
  • Aisle-Master
  • Bendi
  • CombiLiftv
  • Heli
  • Hyster
  • JCB
  • Linde

Featured Diesel Forklifts

Mitsubishi FD25NT (2970)


Caterpillar DP25N (1330)


Mitsubishi FD25N (4554)


Featured Electric Forklifts

Mitsubishi FB16PNT (3435)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5020)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5019)


Featured LPG Forklifts

Mitsubishi FG25N


Mitsubishi FG25N


Why choose Hire Forklifts?

With over thirty years of experience in the industry, we have been providing customers throughout Northampton with transparent forklift rental hire services since 1986, ensuring that their warehouse operations can continue to go off without a hitch. All of the machinery we’re able to supply has been made to the highest possible standards and have also been safety and quality checked for your absolute peace of mind.

As proud, certified Caterpillar dealers for over 25 years and Mitsubishi dealers for over a decade, you can rest assured that you’ll also be able to count on our specialist team to provide you with the most ideal solution to meet your business needs, no matter what industry you work in or how long you need the equipment for. As such, we have since been awarded a number of ‘Mitsubishi Dealer Gold Awards’ for our commitment and dedication to quality and management.

No matter what you need the machinery for, the material handling equipment we have available for hire will make short lifting, transporting and unloading heavy, large or substantial amounts of stock, so you’ll always be able to look to us to provide you with the most appropriate machine we have on offer.

Warehouses and manufacturing in Northampton

During the post-war years, engineering became a significant employer in the job market. Following the opening of the British Timken tapered roller factory in 1941, more people than ever before were recruited to help run the factory and work within its walls. Although the factory finally closed its doors in 2002, during its heyday, the establishment had employed over 4,000 people, making it an exceptionally popular place to work, particularly after WWII.

Aside from engineering, Northampton was also known to have many shoe factories and other leather-working businesses. Despite many of the shoe factories closing over the years, there are many that still remain to this day, including: Barker Shoes, Church’s, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Tricker’s and Wildsmith. A larger number of shoe factories closed down and quickly became apartment buildings to house the town’s ever-growing population.

If you live in Northampton or the surrounding areas and would like to learn more about how our team of specialists will be able to help you today, get in touch with us at a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options – we’re always on hand to impart expert advice and provide professional guidance whenever you need it.

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