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Aisle-Master AM 20SE MITREX (3629)


Mitsubishi FB16PNT (3438)


Mitsubishi FB16PNT (3435)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5020)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5019) – ON HIRE


Mitsubishi FB30KPAC (2005)


Mitsubishi FB16PNT (3333)


Caterpillar EP18NT (2792)


Caterpillar EP15PNT (4903)


Further Information

At Hire Forklifts we provide a range of electric forklifts for hire including both 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled electric forklifts all designed for a wide range of different applications and all available on either short term or long term hire contracts. Our hire rates are extremely competitive starting from just £32.13+VAT per week.

All our machines are fully certified and are given a full service prior to you hiring. Our machines are available for next day delivery, so you can be sure once you decide on the right forklift to fit your requirements you will receive a high quality machine quickly!

We stock all the major UK forklift brands including Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Combi-lift, JBC etc… Our electric hire fleet consists of machines with lift capacities ranging from 1000kg to 6000kg, we are confident that we can supply the machine you are looking for.

There are multiple benefits to choosing an electric forklift, they deliver as much power as diesel and LPG alternatives but are far quieter when in operation. They can be left to charge when not in use due to them using batteries as their power source. Because of this there are no requirements to continually order fuel and there is no need to store the fuel unlike diesel and LPG forklifts which will save you space within your building or yard.

Electric forklifts are also more environmentally friendly as they don’t emit fumes, making them perfect for use indoors and within busy factories and warehouses. Due to their electric motors there are less components to maintain giving them an advantage over other fuel types due to the low maintenance required.

Electric forklifts are perfect for use indoors as they are quiet and don’t produce fumes from fuels like diesel, making them perfect for operation within your building or warehouse.

All of our 3 and 4 wheeled electric forklifts are able to operate outdoors making them perfect for operations who require a forklift that can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

If you would like to discuss the outdoor use of any of our Electric forklifts please contact our expert team on 0800 802 1990 who can answer any questions you may have.