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Multi-directional forklifts offer a sense of manoeuvrability seldom seen with more traditional trucks.

Possessing an ability to move in any direction, these machines provide an array of benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced turning times and effective handling.

With a wide range of load-bearing capabilities, multi-directional forklifts are fast becoming a popular choice for warehouses the world over.

Using a combination of high-end steering systems and the highest of specifications, these vehicles eliminate double-handling, which in turn leads to higher levels of productivity.

The perfect choice for a great number of warehouses, multi-directional trucks bring with them a host of advantages in a number of situations.

  • Smaller warehouses can benefit from not requiring an abundance of space to turn forklifts around, meaning they can fit more in
  • Many of these products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with some even having puncture-proof tyres
  • With a range of power options available including electric, LPG and diesel, whichever means you prefer, you can get just what you need
  • The versatility of these units mean that reduced handling, fewer loads and less accidents.