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Forklift Hire offers pedestrian, platform, and sit-on stacker options with a choice of hire contracts to suit the needs of your fleet.

Great for transporting goods and light manufacturing operations, a stacker is a pallet truck that offers a small and economical alternative to a forklift.

Stackers are like a walk-behind pallet jack combined with a lift truck. They are ideal for smaller warehouse areas, providing high manoeuvrability in restrictive spaces whilst maintaining safe handling of heavy loads at height. They are a great additional boost for any fleet.

Pedestrian stackers are used with an operator walking alongside, and can be either manual or electric-powered. Good for narrow aisles, pedestrian stackers offer a diagonal standing position for greater visibility, improving the operator’s control and safety.

Sit-On Stacker

Sit-on stackers handle narrower aisles than a reach truck without compromising power or control. These stackers bring ergonomic comfort to operators and reduce risk of strain.

Platform Stacker

For the narrowest aisles and smallest work spaces, platform stackers are an excellent choice. Long distances can be handled with ease with either a pedestrian or a ride-on model. The powerful AC motors in platform stackers give your operators smooth, controlled power and a faster, more efficient operation.