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Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5020)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5019)


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VNA forklifts are specifically designed to be effective in spaces with limited space, such as tight warehouse aisles and between racking housing a lot of stock or products.

Unlike some of their “chunkier” counterparts, VNA forklifts are agile; moving seamlessly in small areas whilst retaining the ability to handle pallets and loads with ease.

Very narrow aisle warehouses naturally have a reduced area in which to work. With this comes a need to find alternative ways to make best use of what they physically have.

With allocated storage areas commonly up high and down low, the right equipment and machinery to make use of facilities is vital.

There are a number of advantages VNA forklifts bring in smaller spaces including:

  • A faster run time when fitted with rail or laser systems and end of row technology. This ensures an operator can get around much quicker and remove or replenish stock quicker, too.
  • Swivelling on their masts means there’s no chunky or clumsy turning manoeuvres. This allows for a great level of precision when placing or removing items from aisles.
  • The shorter duration in which VNAs can turn, coupled with the fact they can generally reach higher than many other fork truck types means space and time can be saved and utilised much more methodically and suitably.

There are a couple of options when it comes to VNAs – Man Up and Man Down.

Your specific usage requirements will dictate which is the best fit.

Man Down

Man Down VNA fork trucks work in much the same way as a traditional forklift.

The operator stays in a single place, controlling the forks’ movement.

Man Up

Man Up VNA forklifts move both the operator and the forks. This movement allows for incredible precision and accuracy when placing loads, as well as offering a great line of sight for movement.