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Forklift Hire stock fully refurbished order pickers available with a choice of rental contracts to suit your budget. Browse our products for individual specifications and descriptions. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone or email for more information.

Order pickers are time-saving machines that bring huge benefits to workers in warehouses and distribution and fulfilment centres. These ergonomic machines are designed to speed up order picking rates and workforce productivity levels by safely and efficiently reaching individual items and transporting bulk goods without requiring additional machines.

Order pickers can be manually steered or electronically guided, reducing operator risk. They can navigate narrow aisles with ease, making them ideal for warehouse environments looking to maximise their space and capacity.

High-level order pickers allow operators to reach multiple levels of racking to retrieve goods. Items can be picked with ease at heights of up to 11.5 metres with our Mitsubishi models. The operator can reach any rack up to this height with or without a load.

For warehouse spaces with lower shelves which don’t require the height achieved from high-level order pickers, the low-level options provide durable and sturdy travel with heavy loads.

With a tight turning radius, unlimited 360 degree electrical steering and compact designs, low-level pickers offer unrivalled movement in small areas. The ergonomic steering area boasts a low entry height to reduce strain on the operator’s legs.

Many order pickers reach heights of around 11 metres, meaning shelving units can be taller and additional storage space can be created. Our Mitsubishi models reach up to 11.5 metres, but there are some models which can go higher.