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Industries That Would Benefit Most from Forklift Hire


Like several pieces of heavy equipment, the forklift was born out of necessity during the early 20th century, when the forerunners of today’s modern forklifts were first constructed. They were used to hoist and lift loads effortlessly and they were extremely effective, hence why they were used during both the World War One and World War Two war efforts.

Following the Second World War, the use of the forklift has increased tenfold, with people relying on them for a wide number of uses and applications and the industries in which they’re most widely utilised have expanded also, especially with advancements in technology in recent years.

However, not every industry, warehouse owner or business owner has the budget, time or space to buy their own forklifts. In some cases, extra machinery might not be needed until peak times hit, including Christmas, Black Friday and Boxing Day. This is why forklift hire is exceptionally beneficial for those who don’t need an expanded fleet of forklifts all year round or for those who do not have the space to house surplus equipment.

So which industries would benefit most from forklift hire and how can you go about hiring the material handling machinery you need to ensure warehouse operations run as smoothly as possible?

The construction industry

This particular industry is heavily regulated with very rigorous and highly-strict safety standards. Before forklifts were introduced to help those working in construction, pulleys, ropes and cables were used to move heavy equipment from one location to another and these posed serious health risks as they could snap at any time, increasing the likelihood of injuries to workers or worse, death. Hence why, as soon as they were able, they introduced forklifts to help with operations.

Forklifts help to increase productivity and relieve some of the stress put on workers. The larger the forklift fleet in a construction warehouse the better. However, not every business owner has the surplus money to implement extra machinery and so forklift hire would be the best option to enable them to meet demand, especially during peak times.

Construction workers do not want to be left handling heavy, large loads manually or have those loads waiting on site for long periods of time. Therefore, forklift hire would be a cost-effective, highly-effective option for dealing with such issues.

The shipping industry

The amount of containers there are present on a shipping yard is staggering, with each and every one of them having to go to separate destinations and so forklifts are a vital component of shipping operations.

Where they won’t be able to lift entire containers due to their sheer size and weight, they will be able to fill the containers with specific goods, regardless of its nature or size. If you hire an electric forklift, you’ll be able to transport, load and unload food and beverages as well as construction, manufacturing and agricultural materials, to name a few.

The warehousing & distribution industries

Warehousing and distributing industries require the use of a forklift or, depending on the size of the premises, more than one machine. An entire fleet proves to be very beneficial to those working in the warehouse and distributing industries, but when peak times hit, even the most prepared warehouse could find themselves struggling. This is why forklift hire is essential for the smooth-running of your warehouse or distribution centre.

The farming & agricultural industries

Farming and agriculture will need a forklift for several different reasons, including the manoeuvring of hay, food, seed, fertiliser and other farming materials. It might even be needed to move farming waste in a bid to help clean out animal housing or clear barns and outhouses ready for new or fresh deliveries.

However, you might well need an expanded fleet, depending on the size of your farm. With many farmers on strict budgets, especially after the worst of the pandemic, they might not have the budget to buy new machinery outright and so forklift hire would be the best option in this case.

With farming and agricultural businesses being in a mostly outdoor setting, a farmer would benefit from hiring any one of the following material handling machines: LPG forklifts, diesel forklifts or electric forklifts.

The manufacturing industry

Manufacturing is commonly associated with large, heavy materials, whether they be constructing vehicles or transporting heavy loads. Regardless of what’s involved, specifically, in the manufacturing industry, there will be a forklift available that will make short work of their manufacturing operations. Where you might well have implemented several different machines, there will always be a need for surplus equipment. This is where forklift hire comes into play.

Hire Forklifts are experts in providing different industries with the equipment they need regardless of the materials you handle. With electric, LPG and diesel forklifts available, together with cherry pickers, reach trucks, pallet trucks and more, each one constructed by well-known manufacturers, you can be sure that your needs will be met when choosing us to provide you with forklift hire services and material handling equipment rentals. For more information, get in touch with a member of our specialist, knowledgeable team today – we’re always happy to hear from you.

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