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Forklift Hire In nuneaton

Hire Forklifts are pleased to be able to offer transparent, reputable forklift hire services throughout Nuneaton. We understand the importance of having high-quality, robust material handling equipment at the helm of your warehouse operations, but we’re also aware that not every business owner has the funds available to buy equipment outright, and that’s where we come in.

Regardless of the industry you work in or how big your premises is, we’ll be sure to have the right solution available to help meet both your warehouse requirements and your budget. Implementing a warehouse machine, such as a forklift, will help to improve efficiency and productivity throughout your business, making our short and long term rental contracts all the more worthwhile.


As well as being able to hire forklifts, you’ll also be able to choose from a wide selection of other warehouse machines. From reach trucks to scissor lifts, we’ll have a solution that’ll effortlessly suit your material handling needs, no matter what they might be. In addition to the electric, diesel and LP gas forklifts we have on offer, you’ll also be able to rent:
  • Articulated forklifts
  • Multi-directional forklifts
  • VNA forklifts
  • Teletruks
  • Reach trucks
  • Pallet trucks
  • Order pickers
  • Stackers
  • Scissor lifts
  • Cherry pickers
All of the material handling equipment we have available for hire across Nuneaton have been carefully constructed by some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Despite having top brands on offer, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota and Caterpillar, you’ll also be able to benefit from machines that have been made to an impressively high standard by popular manufacturers such as:
  • Aisle-Master
  • Bendi
  • CombiLift
  • Heli
  • Hyster
  • JCB
  • Linde

Featured Diesel Forklifts

Mitsubishi FD25NT (2970)


Caterpillar DP25N (1330)


Mitsubishi FD25N (4554)


Featured Electric Forklifts

Mitsubishi FB16PNT (3435)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5020)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5019)


Featured LPG Forklifts

Mitsubishi FG25N


Mitsubishi FG25N


Why choose Hire Forklifts?

We have been providing customers throughout Nuneaton with trusted forklift hire services for over thirty years. As such, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge, enabling us to impart expert help and guidance whenever you need it. In addition to experiencing unrivalled customer experience, you’ll also be supplied with solid, powerful warehouse machinery that has been made to an impressive standard every single time when choosing Hire Forklifts.

We’re dedicated to ensuring the equipment we provide is of high quality and is safe to operate at all times, so you can rest assured that your workers will be protected from harm at all times when behind the wheel of one of our machines.

We have been certified Caterpillar dealers since 1995 and proud Mitsubishi dealers for over a decade, so you can always count on our professional team. Due to our absolute commitment to the safety, quality and management of our equipment and services, we have since gone on to win a number of ‘Mitsubishi Dealer Gold Awards’.

Whether you need an individual machine or an entire fleet of them, we’ll be pleased to be able to supply you with the most ideal solution. No matter what industry you work in or the size of your warehouse, we’ll be sure to have an affordable, quality option available.

Warehouses and manufacturing in Nuneaton

Nuneaton, located in Warwickshire, has a colourful history when it comes to manufacturing, production and engineering. At one point, the town was known for ribbon weaving and coal mining from the 17th to 19th centuries. Although coal mining continued into the late 1960’s, with Nuneaton’s coal mine finally closing its doors in 1968. However, a nearby colliery stayed open until 1982 and the last coal mine in Warwickshire closed in 2013, proving that the coal industry was still very much alive in the area until recently.

Along with ribbon weaving and coal mining, Nuneaton also became known for its involvement in several other industries and sectors, including: brick and tile making, the brewing of alcohol, the production of hats, leather production and the distributing of leather goods and also engineering.

If you reside in Nuneaton or the surrounding areas and would like more information about how Hire Forklifts can help you to acquire the equipment you need to improve warehouse operations, then get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to give specialist, expert advice and guidance whenever you need it.

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