Forklift Hire In Coventry

Hire Forklifts understand that having a solid, reliable and cost effective material handling solution is of paramount importance when it comes to the smooth-running of warehouse operations throughout Coventry. Introducing an individual forklift, or even a fleet of machines, will enable you to see vast improvements in overall efficiency and productivity when it comes to business activity and Hire Forklifts will have an option that’ll suit your requirements, perfectly.


We’re pleased to be able to provide our customers throughout Coventry with an effective, transparent forklift hire service that you’ll always be able to count on. We know how expensive it can be to buy warehouse equipment outright, and so for many businesses, this isn’t a feasible option. That’s why we offer clients across Coventry a forklift rental service, with both long and short term hire available at a date and time to meet your needs, enabling us to supply you with an ideal solution to your logistical problem.
We have an abundance of material handling equipment available for hire throughout Coventry. In addition to being able to rent electric, diesel and LP gas forklifts, you’ll also have the option to hire a number of other warehouse machines, enabling you to get the job done, no matter what it might be. You’ll be able to choose from the following:
  • Articulated forklifts
  • Multi-directional forklifts
  • VNA forklifts
  • Teletruks
  • Reach trucks
  • Pallet trucks
  • Order pickers
  • Stackers
  • Scissor lifts
  • Cherry pickers
The warehouse equipment we have available in Coventry have all been made to an exceptionally high standard by some of the best material handling manufacturers in the business. In addition to Caterpillar, Mitsubishi and Toyota, we’re also able to supply you with robust, reliable equipment, expertly designed and constructed by brands such as:
  • Aisle-Master
  • Bendi
  • CombiLift
  • Heli
  • Hyster
  • JCB
  • Linde

Featured Diesel Forklifts

Mitsubishi FD25N (4860) – ON HIRE

Hire From: £346.67 Per Month + VAT

Featured Electric Forklifts

Mitsubishi FB30KPAC (2005)

Hire From: £411.67 Per Month + VAT

Caterpillar EP18NT (2792)

Hire From: £1408.33 Per Month + VAT

Caterpillar EP16NT (4792) – ON HIRE

Hire From: £337.44 Per Month + VAT

Aisle-Master AM 15E (5378)

Hire From: £445.64 Per Month + VAT

Featured LPG Forklifts

Doosan G20G (5647)

Hire From: £250.08 Per Month + VAT

Mitsubishi FG25N (2253)

Hire From: £268.67 Per Month + VAT

Mitsubishi FG18N (2446) – ON HIRE

Hire From: £260.00 Per Month + VAT

Combilift Combi-CB C4000 (5236)

Hire From: £643.80 Per Month + VAT

Why Choose us?

With over thirty years of experience in the material handling industry, Hire Forklifts endeavour to provide our customers across Coventry with high-calibre, quality machinery, manufactured and maintained to the highest possible standards, so you can rest assured that the equipment you hire will be easy and safe to operate at all time. Regardless of the industry or sector you work in, you’re guaranteed to be provided with warehouse equipment that’ll make the lifting and handling of heavy or substantial loads seem effortless.

Since 1995, we have been proud, certified Caterpillar dealers and by 2009, we also became accredited Mitsubishi dealers, so you’ll always be able to rely on Hire Forklifts to provide you with the right warehouse equipment to meet all of your material handling needs. During our time supplying Coventry with high-quality material handling machinery, we have received several ‘Mitsubishi Dealer Gold Awards’ for commitment to quality and management.

We take pride in being able to offer customers throughout Coventry with unrivalled customer service, giving you peace of mind that, no matter what it is you need, our specialist team can always be relied upon to provide expert help and advice when you choose to hire forklifts and other material handling equipment from us. From an entire fleet to individual vehicles, you’ll be able to look to us here at Hire Forklifts.

Warehouses & Manufacturing In Coventry

In 2018, the Coventry economy was reportedly worth £594 million, a 4.6% increase on the year before according to Coventry City Council. In turn, Coventry have experienced somewhat of a boost in their economy, leading to more investments in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Coventry City Council published a report, stating that in 2019, there were 680 manufacturing enterprises, 1,085 construction enterprises and 370 motor or vehicle enterprises (whether that be sales rooms or factories) present throughout the city. Therefore, there’s more demand now than ever before for material handling equipment in order to improve the efficiency of operations throughout Coventry, helping to maintain their significant economy boost.

If you live in Coventry or the surrounding areas and would like more details about how Hire Forklifts can help you to today, get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team – we’re always happy to offer our customers expert guidance when you need it most.

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