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We Also Stock Aisle-Master machines, A Great Alternative to Bendi Forklifts

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Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5020)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5019)


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Forklift Hire are proud to stock Bendi articulated forklift trucks for hire. We offer a choice of rental options depending on your business needs. Browse our individual products for specifications and descriptions, or get in touch via phone or email.

Since 1964, Bendi has been offering a range of forklifts suitable for warehouses with minimal space, high racking bays, and the most demanding multi-shift operations. Choosing a Bendi forklift truck is the ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce their warehouse storage space.

Bendi created the original design of the articulated forklift truck as it is known today. In 1982, Bendi’s founding chairman Freddy Brown sought to create a new mass-produced forklift design that was faster and more flexible than the traditional VNA (Very Narrow Aisle trucks) concept at the time. This also helped him to win several industry awards for his pioneering work.

Bendi now offers highly versatile articulated VNA forklifts with innovation and affordability at the fore. Their leading designs have dominated the VNA market that they originally planned to overthrow, offering a machine with the capability of four trucks in one.

Where the average counterbalance forklift requires space of up to 3.4 metres, Bendi articulated forklifts need aisle widths of only 1.6 metres. Articulated forklifts are perfect for efficient operation in awkward or difficult to reach areas of a warehouse.

Bendi forklifts have compact, manoeuvrable bodies and high reach capabilities, meaning your warehouse shelving can go narrower and taller. Their four-in-one usability also means less need for additional material handling equipment in your fleet.

Therefore, investing in a Bendi forklift truck provides your warehouse with up to 50% additional storage space – a massive saving which enables you to increase your stock, expand your range, or even create a new staff area!