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Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5020)


Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5019)


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Articulated forklifts are space, time and resource savers. Able to effectively work in the narrowest of spaces (all the way down to 1.5 – 2m wide) they can reach and operate in areas other forklift types simply can’t.

To get technical, these machines have no right angle stack as the mast itself is able to competently articulate wherever it is needed, no matter which side of racking that may be.

Not as big and chunky as traditional forklifts, they can be used in areas and warehouses where space might not be the biggest of luxuries.

Their more streamlined design allows for an increased work or storage area. Although electric motors are perhaps the most prevalent in these machines, some vehicles do run on fuel. As such, it is important to understand which you are getting when purchasing.

Bendi was the initial prototype and subsequently design of the original articulated forklift. The design and principles continue to be used to this day.

In the current climate, most of the major players in forklifts produce articulated trucks including the aptly named Aisle-Master.

If you’re operating in tight work spaces with a need to store or sort warehouse stock in a more efficient manner, these forktrucks could help you achieve just that.

With an emphasis on putting control and power in the hands of the user, articulated vehicles are becoming more commonplace. In fact, Aisle-Master MD, Martin McVicar, is on record as saying the company witnessed uptake in the use of their products.

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