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Mitsubishi FB16PNT (3438)


Mitsubishi FB16PNT (3435)


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Further Information

Here at Hire Forklifts we stock a range of 3 wheeled electric forklifts available to hire on short term and long term rental agreements. These forklifts are specifically designed for enhanced maneuverability within more confined and restricted areas compared to 4 wheeled fork trucks due to their rear wheel steering resulting in a smaller turning circle.

3 Wheeled forklifts are a fantastic choice for warehouses with narrower aisles and smaller spaces, due to them being battery powered they are perfect for indoor use as they don’t produce emissions keeping the air and environment free from harmful fumes which other fuel types can produce. They are also quiet when in operation keeping noise to a minimum in busy environments.

As with any electric forklift there are cost saving advantages without the need to continually buy fuel, you can simply plug them in when not in use to keep them fully charged. Space in your warehouse or yard where you would normally store fuel such as Diesel and LPG can be utilised for holding stock.

We stock a wide range of 3 wheeled electric forklifts for hire from the leading manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Caterpillar, with a range of different fork lengths and lifting capacities available.

All of our forklifts are fully serviced prior to hire so that you can be sure the machine you are getting is fit for purpose and will deliver on your requirements.

If you have any questions about our 3 wheeled electric forklifts available to hire please contact our expert team on 0800 802 1990 or via our contact form, we are on hand to offer advice and information on which machine would best fit your operation.